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Big Ten Power Poll, Week 2

The Rivalry Esq. released its Big Ten Power Poll for week two today.  Here's how I voted:

1. Penn State

Their stay may be short-lived depending on what happens this week.

2. Ohio State

Win the USC game and they're #1.  Lose by a little and they stay at #2.  Lose by a lot - who knows.

3. Michigan State

It's MSU -14.5 against CMU.  I feel pretty comfortable giving the points.

4. Northwestern

We probably won't know how good the Wildcats are until they visit MSU in Mid-October.

5. Michigan

Spots 5-7 are neck-and-neck, but Michigan had the best performance in week 1.

6. Iowa


7. Wisconsin

Based on last week's performance they should have Iowa' spot, but I feel like this team is one Bielema implosion away from an under-.500 season.

8. Illinois

Last week we were reminded why an Illini resurgence might

9. Purdue

The defense gave up a lot of yards to Toledo, but the offense looked solid.  That's a good first step for Danny Hope.

10. Minnesota


11. Indiana

Struggle to beat a 1-AA team at home?  Yes, Iowa did this as well, but they have a history of being competent. The Hoosiers?  Not so much.