Top 5 Reasons Not To Panic


[taking a break from the CMU game review. Back with 2nd Q later tonight.]

Take heart, MSU fans. Despite the frustration we all feel from the CMU game, I can find several reasons not to panic and flush the whole season. Here are my Top 5:

5. There will be but one starting quarterback, and he shall be named soon, and his name shall be Kirk Cousins.

The audition and shared playing time must be over, and clearly Cousins is ahead. Once a starter is named, the offense can find its rhythm, both in practice and in games. And speaking of Cousins....

4. Cousins is a pretty good quarterback, especially for a sophomore.

Cousins is currently ranked sixth in the country in passer rating (186.7). Of course, it's still small sample size and cupcake opponent territory, which explains why Ryan Mallet (YTRM) and Jimmah are first and third, respectively.

3. The "Running Back By Committee" will end soon as well.

I expect that we will soon see it pared down to 2 backs that will get most of the carries. My money's on Caulton Ray and Larry Caper.

2. MSU's defense appears to be stout against the run.

MSU has allowed a total of 128 yards rushing in two games, 2.25 yards per carry. The D line doesn't seem to get much pressure on the pass rush, but hoo boy do they control some gaps. This bodes well for games against run-heavy teams like Iowa and Wisconsin, and even against the pro-style of Notre Dame.

1. The CMU game was a near textbook example of how the passing spread offense is supposed to work. And it took a perfect onside kick and a last second field goal for CMU to win.

MSU won't face another spread team until Michigan, and M is more of a running spread. Besides that, MSU really only faces one other good spread team this year (Northwestern; I don't consider Penn State a true spread).

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