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Big Ten Power Poll, Week Three

Sorry I've been absent from the site since last week, designing a heat exchanger from scratch will do that to ya.  Anyway, I did find time to send my Big Ten Power Poll ballot to The Rivalry, Esq.  Here it is:

1. Penn State - They're blowing out the teams they should, which is more than can be said for the majority of the Big Ten.

2. Ohio State - Yes, they lost to USC, but it was a close loss.  I've got a feeling this week's the week they win a game by more than a touchdown.

3. Michigan - Thoroughly manhandled Western Michigan, and then beat a possibly (read: definitely) overrated team.  Still, they've been the greatest positive surprise for the Big Ten this season so far, and they've definitely done more than the eight teams behind them to earn this spot.

4. Iowa - I know Iowa State isn't that good of a team, but that hasn't stopped the Hawkeyes to losing to the Cyclones in previous incarnations of this game.  I'm nearly convinced the Northern Iowa game was a fluke.

5. Northwestern - EMU almost joined Central Michigan and Toledo as MAC teams to upset a BCS opponent, but the Wildcats pulled it out.  They should be ranked lower, but who would I rank them behind?

6. Illinois - At least the Illini clobbered a directional opponent.  Now they have a week off before Ohio State

7. Wisconsin - Another game, another close scrape with an inferior (?) opponent.  But at least they're winning.

8. Michigan State - /puts head through a wall

9. Purdue - Yes, the Oregon loss was much better than Michigan State's loss.  Only blatant homerism kept me from putting the Boilermakers at the eight spot.

10. Minnesota - Is beating Air Force by a touchdown a good victory for this team?  Do we really know which team is better between these two?

11. Indiana - If Indiana beats Akron this week, I might have to move them out of the basement. Maybe.