Basketball Blogging?

First, I think TOC is doing a great job of getting going and could develop into a great site. It's already good.

That said, anyone find it slightly embarrassing that UM has an incredibly well-run, active, and in-depth basketball blog and MSU has none? Sometimes I look at UMhoops and think, "Wow, a school that just returned to the tournament has a site like this yet there doesn't seem to be enough fan support to do a blog for the in-state rival that's been to 4 recent Final Fours?" I know a lot of it can be attributed to the work of Dylan who runs it but, if nothing else, the presence of our own basketball blog would demonstrate the fanbase's enthusiasm to future recruits.

On top of that, I'm a basketball junkie and would love lots of consistent information and discussion of recruits. What's up with Adreian Payne? How is Korie Lucious' foot healing? Any rumors on how the first scrimmages are shaping up? What's the status with 2012 recruits who are already receiving attention?

There's all kinds of action by Izzo on 2011 MI SG Dwaun Anderson, including newspaper stores and blog postings, yet nothing here. Ideally, this should be one of the most informed, comprehensive Spartan athletics sites on the web. Izzo Checks Out Dwaun Anderson

Anyone willing or able to pick it up?

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