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Updating Kirk Cousins' career numbers

Up-to-the-minute career passing statistics for Kirk Cousins:

  • 80-113 for 959 yards
  • 70.8% completion%
  • 8.5 yards/attempt
  • 7 touchdown passes

. . . and one interception.

(Correction: Cousins threw an INT last season, too.  Makes the presentation of the numbers somewhat less dramatic.  Nuts.)

At least one observer continues to be impressed with Cousins' poise:

"A quarterback is judged by wins and losses and how he plays at crunch time," he said. "And right now I’m 1-2 as a starter and I made a critical error at crunch time."


"It hurts. I'm hurting right now," Cousins said Saturday outside Michigan State's locker room after the Spartans' 33-30 loss to the Irish. "(But) it's part of the job, part of what you deal with. I'm a man, I'll take it. I just have to learn from it and keep my head up."