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Big Ten Power Poll, Week 3


1. Penn State - This week we'll finally see how they do against a better than mediocre team.

2. Ohio State - The Buckeyes finally blowout a team they were supposed to.  I don't know who told Pryor to throw that bomb to Sanzenbacher to start the scoring, because I'm pretty sure Tressel's playbook has only three pass patterns for Pryor: 5 yard out, 8 yard curl, and 10 yard out.

3. Iowa - Moves ahead of Michigan this week because their resume is slightly better.  They could jump to #1 next week pending a win against Penn State.

4. Michigan - The defense looked a little shaky in the first half against EMU, but the Wolverines eventually pulled away.  They should stick in this position next week unless they struggle against the Hoosiers.

5. Wisconsin - Moves up not because of their win against Wofford (side note - where the heck is Wofford anyway?), but because others fell.

6. Illinois - They probably shouldn't be this high, but this is what happens when a good portion of the Big Ten teams lose.  I still think they're better than what they showed against Missouri.

7. Minnesota - They hung in there valiantly against Cal, but the Golden Bears got the Best of them.

/ducks tomatoes, avoids hook

8. Northwestern - Greg Paulus threw for about the same number of yards against the Wildcats as he had points in his senior season at Duke.  Mike Kafka played brilliantly, but how does one let the Orangemen score 37 points?

9. Michigan State - An onside kick recovery and one pass away from 3-0.  That said, they're 1-2, and let's see if this reverse jinx works.

10. Indiana - This is another team I probably ranked incorrectly, but I didn't want to go through all the trouble of putting them up to ninth or eighth when a loss to Michigan is most likely in the cards.

11. Purdue - The Boilermakers were down 28-7 at one point against Northern Illinois.  That deficit kind of puts the CMU loss in perspective.