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Facebook-originated information of the not-so-creepy variety


The official Michigan State Spartans Facebook page posted a couple pictures from today's basketball team photo session, one of which is displayed above.  New information that can be gathered from this photo:

  • Zach Randolph's number will not be retired.  Derrick Nix will wear #50.
  • Same thing for Marquise Gray's number.  Garrick Sherman will wear #41.
  • There's one other new face in the photo (among the guys wearing basketball uniforms): #44.  My internet sleuthing indicates this is former Okemos High School standout Anthony Ianni.  (It's also mentioned here, but I sleuthed it out on my own before I saw that.  Trust me.  Really.)  Ianni played two years of basketball at Grand Valley, appearing in 27 games last season and averaging 8.9 minutes and 3.3 points per game for the Lakers.  At 6'10" and 239 pounds, Mr. Ianni will presumably be a very handy guy to have around for practices.
  • Tom Herzog looks just a tad beefier, wouldn't you say?

OK, back to the football talk.