Is it Just Me?

So, mgoblog's Michigan season preview is up. Well thought out and definitely worth a read, even if he does tend to overestimate Michigan's abilities and EEE BARWIS a little too much.

Anyway, in it, Brian (like many other Michigan bloggers and diarists) considers the UM-MSU game a "tossup".

I don't see how they can arrive at this conclusion. Game is in East Lansing. Last year MSU beat Michigan, in Ann Arbor, by 14 (and it should have been worse, had MSU not missed 2 field goals and M been gifted a touchdown). Both teams return the same number of starters; both replaced their quarterback, in Michigan's case, likely with a true freshman.

If I try to look at this game objectively, there's no way I say Michigan has a chance.

Is it just me being a blind homer and not being objective? What say ye?

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