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Linking Laconically will give you a penny for your thoughts

So, there's like a bowl game tomorrow night that our Spartans are participating in. We've been in full-blown basketball mode here the last few weeks. But we're ready to get jacked up about football again over the next 34 hours.

In light of the chaos surrounding both our football program and that of our bowl opponent in recent weeks, we here at TOC headquarters are curious what the mental state of the MSU fan base is going into the Alamo Bowl. Below you'll find a poll for weighing in with a prediction on tomorrow night's game--unbiased by LVS's bowl game preview, which will be up later today.

In the meantime, here are some football-related links for your perusal. This post is also your Official TOC New Year's Day Open Thread for discussing today's bowl game action (plus the Purdue-West Virginia basketball game).

Happy New Year's Day couch potatoing, everyone.