football observations from the breslin

I was fortunate enough to get my izzone seats right next to the football recruits for this game. At one point Javon Ringer got an izzone shirt from someone and started going through the izzone behind the announcers high fiving and getting pats on the back and such. After that, gholston, who also received a green and white shirt via somewhere and started his stardom treatment with ringer. Followed by that the izzone started chanting we want gaston (3 star Bruce Gaston Jr. DT chicago) and boy if that guy can move off the line like he moved out of his seat to follow gholston in the izzone, I want him on MSU's team. As far as I can tell he certainly didn't mind the star treatment he received by the izzone; it was certainly cool to watch. There were others that went with him but I did not know them all, but Mike Dorsey (3 star Safety from warren ohio, commited to WV) was another who seemed to be enjoying himself over there. I am curious to see where all these guys end up and I know the izzone did their part to help bring them to MSU.

All in all it was a fun game to watch. Seeing izzo talk with ibok before the game was cool, likely about how he could use him against tisdale like he did last year @illinois. Ringer and gholston talked a bit, cleaves and walton seemed like best friends. There were definently a lot of old faces. My father was also at the game in the upper bowl and happened to be sitting next to baseball recruits; apparently they don't get as good of seats.

I was upset I had to leave early to go work the hockey game but that didn't turn out horrible either. Despite giving up a 3-0 lead and having to fight back to force overtime at 4-4, MSU won in the shootout (which they seemingly have struggled to do all year). They also honored Jeff Lerg too who definently would have been nice have with a 3 goal lead. I saw him up close after the game and its amaizing what he accomplished at 5'7. He really is a short guy and regardless of that, with his talent I am sure he will find a place to play somewhere (maybe he already has, I'm not sure).

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