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As signing day approaches

College football's signing day is a week from today, Wednesday, Feb. 3. After the Rather Hall drama, it will be good news for MSU if the Spartans can hang on to the commitments they have gained up to now—and the outlook on that front seems good so far. (Though you know you'll be a little better next week once you've seen Will Gholston's name in the same sentence as "signed" and "Michigan State.")

Meanwhile, though, there are some uncommitted recruits still floating around out there. The pool is dwindling, though, as one of Mark Dantonio's main remaining targets, Chicago defensive lineman Bruce Gaston, committed to Purdue last night. MSU apparently placed 3rd among Gaston's five finalists, based on the results of his elaborate hat-dropping ceremony

The Spartans did add a defensive lineman recently, DT Anthony White, who's from Battle Creek but played last season at Fort Scott (KS) CC, according to (here's the story—premium content). Juco guys aren't generally Mark Dantonio's style, but White will have three years of eligibility, and fills the spot on the defensive line that might otherwise have been occupied by Jamiihr Williams or Ishmyl Johnson, two young D-lineman players who left MSU in the wake of the Rather Hall incident. White also had an offer from Nebraska.