New Dunnings Statement on Decision to not pursue charges in alleged sexual assault case


Salient details: "Following that further investigation, Ms. Bouck called her to indicate that no charges would be filed. Ms. Bouck also indicated the rationale for her decision and that the young woman could come in to meet with her to discuss this matter. Ms. Bouck then reviewed the case with Chief Assistant Prosecutor Lisa McCormick, who agreed with the decision. ... There have been numerous reports that indicate that one of the two men "corroborated" the story told by the woman. However, the prosecutors who reviewed this case examined not only the police report, but also the actual interview of one of the men. I have attached transcripts of the police interview with one of the accused men. You can see from the transcript of the interview with the man that he did not, in fact, corroborate the facts necessary to substantiate a criminal sexual assault charge. " If this is not up for discussion anymore, that's fine and I will respect the way that this site handles the issue from here. However, I thought this was worth posting as it contradicts the version of events presented by the Michigan Messenger. Edit: And here's the State News with the same story.