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2:00-in-the-A.M. MSU Midnight Madness Recap


So Gerard Butler showed up.  That was kind of weird and pretty awesome all at the same time.  Really regretting not turning my camera's video-taking feature on for when he bellowed "SPARTANNNNNNS!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?!!!"

Tom Izzo recounting a comment by Lupe during the homecoming parade: "You know, they don't have anything like this in Cleveland."

Also, the women's team has a girl who can dunk, which is cool.

Selected player impressions from the 14 minutes of scrimmaging (12 minutes of regulation, 2 of OT):

  • Korie Lucious played.  You would have had no idea he'd had knee surgery less than 3 weeks ago.  As quick as ever.   Knocked a three down from waaay out.
  • Kalin Lucas with the highlight play of the night: a behind-the-back pass to Summers on the fast break.
  • Runner up: Derrick Nix reenacting his (in)famous hanging-from-the-rim put-back.
  • By my count, Durrell Summers led all scorers with 14 points (4 three-pointers).
  • Draymond Green looks like a small forward.  Was looking for his shot outside.  Was something like 1-4 on three-pointers.
  • No distinct impressions on Keith Appling, good or bad.
  • Adreian Payne can get up very quickly from underneath the rim.
  • Alex Gauna looks quite a bit beefier than Garrick Sherman, FWIW.
  • Delvon Roe scored the game-winning bucket in OT with a right-handed finish off a drive to the basket.  24-22 Green.

I'm going to bed.  Kickoff in 10 hours.