CLR must go

The way this Chris L. Rucker business is being talked about in the Spartan press is kind of disturbing to me. As a devoted MSU fan I find it appalling that this guy isn't already officially kicked off the team. Seriously, this is Dantonio's biggest problem in my eyes: he can't seem to control his players. In fact, I had to chuckle when the BTN announcer (Chris Martin I think) called Dantonio the "Dean of Discipline" during the Illinois broadcast. HA! I ask you (whoever you are) which Big Ten team would still have this guy on the roster after being convicted of assault and then drinking and driving? It puts MSU athletics in a really bad light and at some point, we need to start taking the high ground here instead of doing what's best for the Win/Loss ratio. I'm sure CLR is a good kid on some level, but that's not the point. Dantonio needs to make it clear that this type of BS stupidity will not be tolerated. Notice that my argument here in no way hinges on the fact that Darqueze Dennard actually looked pretty decent against Illinois. That should not matter!

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