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Hollis: Mark Dantonio Won't Be Coaching Today

Quickly, as I'm about to head to the game: Mark Hollis has announced that a blood clot was been discovered in Mark Dantonio's leg on Thursday, and as such, he won't be at the stadium today.  Lisa Byington tweeted all the news; I reproduced it here in chronological order.  (@MSUAD is Mark Hollis, obviously.)

#msu mark #dantonio will not be at game today. Per @bigtennetwork #spartans via web

per @msuad #dantonio went into hospital on thursday. during examination, blood clot discovered in leg. "not uncommon" via web@msuad "(dantonio) will watch from television. it will be business as usual" via web

@msuad "we are going to pace through this with doctor's recommendations... we are going to be precautionary" via web

@msuad "players were informed (friday)... he's our leader. we know he is with us" via web

@msuad "we are going to take this on a day by day basis" emphasizing #dantonio's heart seems to be recovering well via web

Best wishes to Coach Dantonio for a quick recovery.  I doubt that it will have much of an effect on the game today, but we'll see.

Also, if you're still heading to the game today, parking may be tight, as Munn Field is closed because of the rain.  Game thread will be up in a few hours.  GO GREEN!