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Afterglow Thread: Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 24

Three turnovers.

For us.

None for them.

MSU's first punt return TD in 8 years.

One successful 4th-and-one at midfield.

One failed 4th-and-goal from the one.

One successful 4th-and-goal from the one.

(Those three calls brought to you courtesy of a guy on his couch, reportedly.  Guys on their couch always think you should go for it.)

A 142-yard passing yard advantage.

A 10-yard rushing yard advantage.

A 50% 3rd-down conversion rate.  (Reversion to the mean--and then some--baby.)

Add it all up, and you get:

A win over the #11 team in the country.

You know what that means:

Anybody know who we play next week?