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The Only Podcast #2: Sippin' on Purple and SpartanDan


Dog snout + dog ears + cow udders on face = wildcat FAIL.

After a one-week hiatus, The Only Podcast returns with a vengeance.  Pete and I discuss the highs and lows of the Illinois game, and then talk Northwestern with Rodger Sherman, proprietor (yes, proprietor) of Sippin' on Purple.  Rodger delivers the most depressing prognosis for a 5-1 football team in the history of, like, ever.  So, members of the Schadenfreude Appreciation Society, this one's for you.  We then talk to TOC commenter and contributor extraordinaire SpartanDan, who goes over the current BCS standings and then explains the finer points of his own Bradley-Terry Rankings.  We finish things up by picking this week's Big Ten games.

Total running time is 50 minutes.  We're still not on iTunes, so listen here on the site or download the podcast in mp3 format here.


TOC Podcast #2 -- download now!