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Friday I'm in Love with the MSU Dairy Store

Welcome to another edition of "Friday I'm in Love".  This week we look at a place not directly related to MSU athletics, but has undoubtedly been a part of some of your lives whether you're still a student or can only make it back once a year.  I'm talking about the place that sells the bee's knees of cheese, the dream of ice cream, the MSU Dairy Store.

When I was a student in the College of Engineering and felt like throwing a computer monitor through the window onto Shaw Lane (about once a week), many times I'd take a deep breath, exit the computer lab, and walk the 2-3 minutes to the Dairy Store just South of Shaw on Farm Lane.  Once there, a summit of the flavors takes place.  For example:

  • Sesquicentennial Swirl - Perfect for the first date.  Emits an aura of class and sophistication.  Order with a waffle cone and drop the line "this treat is a lot like me...hard brittle exterior, but nice and creamy on the inside".  He or she will either swoon or end the date right then.
  • Nittany White Out - A flavor with a rich history, even if the quality has been up and down in the past decade.
  • Gopher More - As in "Gopher More" head coaches HEY-O.
  • 4-H Forever - In this case, the four H's are Heathcote, Herb Haygood, and Hannah.
  • Purdue Tracks - Currently not in production, due to breakdowns in the creamer, freezer, and cows that produce Purdue Tracks.
  • Orange Sherbet - is a type of ice cream.
  • Final Four Fudge Dribble - My personal favorite.  It's also manufactured in years that Michigan State does not make the Final Four, but that's kind of hard to prove.

After a Dairy Store respite, it was back to the computer lab to complete my homework on one of the two remaining monitors at my terminal.  While there were still miles to go before I slept, my break at the Dairy Store made the mountain of calculations in front of me much more bearable.  For that, and for many other flavors I didn't mention (but maybe you will), I'm in love with the Dairy Story not just on Fridays, but pretty much any day I'm on campus.

* As voted by those who eat Maize 'n Berry, and only Maize 'n Berry.