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MSU #5 in the BCS Standings

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Wisconsin is the only other Big Ten team in the top 10 -- at #10.  Ohio State is #11.  Ahead of MSU: #4 TCU, #3 Boise State, #2 Oregon, and #1 Auburn.

Harris Interactive 5
Coaches Poll 5
Wolfe Rankings 2
Colley Matrix 3
Sagarin Ratings 2
Anderson & Hester 3
Billingsley Report 8
Massey Ratings 3

So, Billingsley and one of Wolfe/Sagarin is dropped.  Here are the remaining schedules for the four teams ahead of MSU:

  • #1 Auburn: @Ole Miss, vs. Chattanooga, vs. Georgia, @Alabama, possible SEC Championship Game.
  • #2 Oregon: @USC, Washington, @Cal, Arizona, @Oregon State.
  • #3 Boise State: Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, @Idaho, Fresno State, @Nevada, Utah State.
  • #4 TCU: @UNLV, @Utah, San Diego State, @New Mexico.

Three of the four teams have very difficult tests ahead, and the fourth (Boise) still has to go to Nevada.  If MSU wins on Saturday, we'll be favored in each of the three remaining games (Minnesota, Purdue, @Penn State, although @PSU is a scary, scary game, particularly if we're undefeated).  Thus: Saturday's game against Iowa is the biggest game for MSU in at least 20 years.