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No News on Chris L. Rucker's Status for the Iowa Game; Keshawn Martin Questionable

SBNation Detroit has the lede:

During his weekly press conference today, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio was asked about the status of senior cornerback Chris L. Rucker. Dantonio refused to address the situation and also declined to answer a question about a "zero tolerance" statement he previously made.

"In both cases, I'll just not answer your question," Dantonio said. "How about that?"

Rucker is scheduled to be released from the Ingham County Jail on Thursday; he'll have served eight days total for violating his probation.  He's also effectively been suspended for the past two games; that's probably one more than he would have been suspended for the DUI alone, but this isn't his first legal problem.

Given Dantonio's statement, it seems entirely possible that Rucker will play on Saturday -- and that move wouldn't be indefensible, but certainly troubling.  Rucker's return would obviously provide a big boost on the field, but given what we know, it also seems like the wrong decision to me.  Yes, he's missed two games already.  But I have a visceral revulsion to having Rucker put on the uniform less than 48 hours removed from being in jail.  It would not only be embarrassing, but would also call into serious question Dantonio's previous zero-tolerance pledge.  We'll see soon enough.

Regarding Keshawn Martin:

Dantonio did say Keshawn Martin's foot injury is not season-threatening and that "we'll see " if he's able to play Saturday. That's encouraging news for MSU after the initial fears that Martin may have a serious Achilles' tendon issue.

No controversy on that one.  Please, Keshawn, get healthy, and quickly.