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Senior Day Limericks

The idea is mgoblog's, of course, but having attended MSU and not U-M, we needed a less artsy and more boozy poetry form.  The limerick was the obvious choice.  Also, I may have played a bit fast and loose with line length, but you get the idea.  Onward!

Aaron Bates came from John Glenn
Great punting was within his ken
But his skills were so pliant
That on Little Giants
He was the darling of ESPN.

Charlie Gantt, starting tight end
Your career we write to commend
Your outstanding catches
Would come in batches
And your blocking would never offend.

Jon Misch, we can’t be laconic
When your swag is so philharmonic
A fine linebacker, too
We bid you adieu
Farewell, the next Harry Connick.

More, after the jump.

From Toronto came J’Michael Deane
His career has not been serene
On the depth chart he’d lurk
But he put in the work
And his success we could have foreseen.

Our defense was not bona fide
Other QBs were killing our pride
But key interceptions
Improved our perception
All credit to one Marcus Hyde.

Alex Shackleton came as a walk-on
And his career is at denouement
But his snaps were so great
And his blocks weren’t cut rate
So a schollie is no longer foregone.

Colin Neely, from Bethlehem
On defense, turned into a gem
In start twenty-two
You took down Purdue
Joey Elliott wants you condemned.

Up next, let’s talk about Mark Dell
On Rather Hall, we’d rather not dwell
You won over our hearts
With your rise up the charts
And, with luck, a rose on your lapel.

Jesse Johnson, stalwart of the scout team
Helped prepare for defensive schemes
But you had a punt block
A nice forget-me-not
That surely made your folks beam.

Tough to see Josh Rouse wear the brace
But the smile never, ever left his face
We’re glad you’ll be fine
You showed your true spine
We know you’ll soon be back in the chase.

From Bowling Green came one D.J. Young
Like most, he was truly unsung
Made holes for Le’ Bell
Was the Badgers’ death knell
For Wisconsin, that really, really stung.

Spartan fullback Nick Bendzuck
Always played with great deal of pluck
When Josh Rouse hurt his neck
It coulda all gone to heck
But Nick got the offense unstuck.

Josh Bodell came from Frankfort
On the scout team, he was a good sport
Gave depth at cornerback
Saturday he gets a plaque
And deserves every bit of our support

Chris L. Rucker, oh what can we say?
We wish it never had turned out this way
We wish you the best
To clean up this mess
And hope you have a great Senior Day.

John Stipek always played center with flair
The line of scrimmage was his preferred lair
Snapped the ball right on time
Was a great leader of the line
And wins the award for the floppiest hair.

Eric Gordon never got the attention
But in the end, there is no dissention
He flew to the ball
His fans were always enthralled
On the all-time lists, he surely deserves mention.

Greg Jones, the greatest tackling machine
The Spartan faithful have ever, ever seen
We’ve watched him mature
His place is secure
As the best linebacker to ever wear Green.