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MSU-SVSU Game Thread

Discuss the exciting exhibition action being shown at here.  Or follow the action through the comments if you're not willing to pony up for the online feed.  (Friend-of-TOC* Tim Bograkos is the color guy, if that pushes you over the top.)  There'll be a free broadcast of the game on BTN tomorrow at 4:30.  You can also listen to the action live at the Spartans Sports Network website.

I've got access to season tickets this year (hiiiigh in the sky, so don't get too envious), so I won't be around for home-game discussion threads.  I am pleased to announce, however, that we've got another official TOC contributor on board to pitch in with basketball-related blog activities.  You know him, you love him: Con-T!  [Pause for wild, unrestrained applause.]  Tim (as his non-internet friends call him) has done great work on a number of FanPosts/Shots (this entry being the finest example) and general recruiting updates, and we're thrilled he's agreed to be fully assimilated into the collective.  You can also follow him on Twitter (Josh, too; we've sucked him into the tweeting vortex now).

As for the game: Get ready for waves of green coming off, and returning to, the bench.  Given the injury/practice situation since Midnight Madness, I've got the over/under on the highest number minutes played by an MSU player at 23.  Also, I'll got out on a limb and predict that Keith Appling is the leading scorer for MSU in his Breslin Center debut.

*Liberal interpretation of the word "friend": (1) replies to our Twitter inquiries and (2) agreed to be interviewed in our magazine (which we haven't mentioned in days--on sale at local newsstands NOW!).