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Apologies for the lack of a thorough game preview yesterday. A shorter preview is here, in case you haven't already seen it. This is a game that MSU should -- and almost certainly will -- win, but if the team is sleepy out of the gate, Adam Weber & Co. have the ability to put some points up on MSU. Last year's game between these two teams demonstrated that fact in the most horrifying way possible.

Rexrode thinks that MSU has the advantage in this game at nearly every position matchup, and it's hard not to agree. We've all seen MSU flop in games like this before, but the happy news is that, between last week's shellacking and last year's Minnesota game, Dantonio and the rest of the staff shouldn't have much trouble getting the team to focus on this game. Here's to a (hopefully) resounding victory.

The game's on BTN, and my crappy cable service dictates that once again, I'll be heading to the bar instead of manning the game thread. So, play nice, and GO STATE, BEAT THE GOPHERS.

P.S.: Looks like Keshawn Martin is probably going to return today. So there's that.