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Michigan State-Minnesota Highlights

AKA the Edwin Baker show:

Longer, nonembeddable BTN highlights are here.

Even longer BTN highlights of the other Big Ten game played in the state of Michigan yesterday are here.  Reminiscent of that Wimbledon match that lasted three days.

Elsewhere in the Big Ten: Despite their continuing stream of injuries, Purdue doesn't look like it's ready to lay down against anyone (in the first half, at least).  And Penn State is suddenly looking pretty formidable, with a rejuvenated Evan Royster running the ball down the field and the newly-found Matt McGloin tossing the ball around the field.  Don't expect any more games for MSU like yesterday's.

In postgame news, Keshawn Martin could have played yesterday if needed, and Mark Dell could have returned after he strained his knee.  Very good news.

Bigger picture, MSU has now achieved the 11th 9-win season in the program's history, and Mark Dantonio is only the third MSU coach to do it twice.  (I'll give you two guesses who the first two were.)  Yes, Dantonio has a longer schedule to work with than most of his predecessors did.   But note that George Perles only won 75% or more of his regular season games the one time.  Same deal for Nick Saban during his Spartan tenure.