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Linking Laconically Is Clearing Up Its Legal Issues

The State News : Sims sentenced to probation in connection to laptop thefts

A year of probation, some community service, and no jail time for TE Dion Sims, with a reinstatement decision to come after sentencing.  My best guess is that he's reinstated some time after the bowl game and takes a redshirt this year (to the best my knowledge, he didn't see any game time).  Let's hope Sims's second chance goes more like Mark Dell and B.J. Cunningham and less like Glenn Winston and Chris L. Rucker.

The State News : Lucious faces no jail, hundreds in fines

Pretty standard deal here, once the OWI was downgraded to reckless driving I didn't expect to see jail time.  Lucious pays $903.80, and we all move on with our lives.

MSU's Coach Izzo moves past "embarrassing" suspension  | Lansing State Journal

All's well that ends well.  I know some wanted Izzo to fight this, but there'd be little chance that he would win, and there's no need to prolong this case out any longer than needed.  The one thing this team does not need more of this season is drama.

Big Ten Geeks > 1st Semester Analysis, Part II

A review of the season so far, with MSU's hot three-point shooting offsetting its less than stellar rebounding.  I disagree with the Geeks that MSU's 4th in the Big Ten - of the top teams, Purdue struggles mightily to score at times and who knows what's going on with Illinois.  I still think this is a top three team along with Ohio State and Wisconsin.

Game 11: Oakland at Michigan Recap —

Some might look at this and the Syracuse outcomes and claim that Michigan is transitively better than MSU this season.  Well, MSU didn't struggle to beat Harvard and hasn't lost to a team of UTEP's caliber.  Still, credit where credit's due - the Wolverines have looked much better than many have thought so far due to of all things, stingy man-to-man defense.

Tom Izzo's suspension highlights new rule - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

If other coaches get slapped with suspensions later in the season, I'll make peace with what the NCAA did to Izzo.  If not, I'm going to get exponentially pissed.

 MSU football: In Afghanistan, Tate keeps link to Spartans | | Lansing State Journal

A round of applause for Joe Tate serving the U.S. in Afghanistan.  He'll serve as the honorary captain at the Capital One Bowl before he serves another tour of duty.  From all of us at TOC, stay safe Joe.

Spartans select Greg Jones as most valuable player | | The Detroit News

A fine choice.  A list of all the award winners can be found at the link, including the one you've been waiting for all year.  We are pleased to tell you that CHRIS D. RUCKER HAS WON THE DOUG WEAVER OIL CAN AWARD FOR TEAM HUMORIST!  *faints*

The Head-to-Head Fallacy - the blog

Is it harder to beat the same team twice in one season?  The long answer is "yes with an if", the short one is "no with a but".