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Michigan State-Alabama in the Capital One Bowl?

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[UPDATE: The TOC staff doesn't just have your MSU football breaking news covered.  It has it BLANKETED.  Go to LVS's post above for further analysis and discussion.  I'm closing the comments on this one. -KJ]

So it appears I was wrong about being wrong: Alabama beat writer (with a rock-and-roll name) Izzy Gould is reporting that Alabama is expected to be selected by the Capital One Bowl to face MSU on January 1.  (HT: Roll 'Bama Roll.)  That expectation is concurred to by SI's bowl projection expert, Stewart Mandel.

I'd have preferred to face LSU, given that the Tigers are about a touchdown less formidable according to Sagarin's PREDICTOR model and their head coach is somewhat less frightening in terms of, you know, basic strategic thinking.  Apparently, a repeat appearance by LSU in Orlando did not hold enough appeal for the Capital One folks, though, and they'll skip down a loss in the SEC standings to grab Alabama.

If it is indeed to be Alabama, at least MSU shouldn't have any motivational letdown after getting squeezed/shafted/SCREWED!!! out a BCS bowl game slot.  You've got one of the most renowned programs in the history of the game and an opposing coach with whom we have some, shall we say, history.  (What's the over/under on the number of "$aban"s dropped on the RCMB over the next four weeks?)

Use this as your open discussion thread going into the official bowl section show tonight (9:00, ESPN).