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Welcome Aboard: Damon Knox

Now in Michigan State football news that doesn't involve bowl shenanigans, the Spartans received a commitment from Muskegon defensive lineman Damon Knox.  Knox is the third defensive lineman in the class and 17th recruit for the 2011 class.  Here are how the recruiting services see Knox:

RIVALS: 3*, 5.5 Rivals Rating

SCOUT: 3*, #96 DE

ESPN: 3*, 76 Grade, #106 DE

That's some pretty good guru reliability right there Lou.  At 6'5" and 265 pounds Knox has the size to play at defensive end right now, and with another 20 pounds he could easily move inside.  His straight-line speed (4.94 seconds) is decent enough where he can play either position, but would be a better fit as a defensive tackle.

With Knox as the third defensive lineman in this class, MSU will most likely slow or stop (definitive, huh?) its recruitment of players for the defensive front four.  If four-star lineman Anthony Zettel were to unexpectedly commit to MSU, the Spartans would welcome him.  However, with more pressing needs in this class (only two offensive linemen are committed currently), this should end defensive line commitments.