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The Only Colors's Bowl Pick 'Em - WITH PRIZES!

It's time for Bowl Pick 'Em!  Here's the prizes:

First Prize - "Duffy - An Autobiography" by Duffy Daugherty and Dave Diles.

Second and Third Prizes - A $10 gift certificate to Underground Printing.

These will be confidence picks - the game you're least confident in gets one point, the game you're most confident in gets the maximum number of points.  The Pick 'Em is being run through ESPN; here's the link, and here's the group information:

Group Name: The Only Colors

Password: spartans

Two rules - name your picks after your TOC user name if you can, it makes it easier for us to contact you if you win.  The second and most important rule: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  More than one entry disqualifies you from any prizes.

Good Luck!