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Let's Put Some Good News on the Front Page


The warrior-poet at the center of that photo is East Lansing native, Hobey Baker winner, Michigan State legend, and Canada-killer Ryan Miller, who stopped 42 of 45 shots in one of the most exciting hockey games I've ever watched.  But it wasn't just Miller.  Eleven Warriors:

Miller got help from Brian Rafalski (Wisconsin) with his two goals and Ryan Suter (Wisconsin) and his two assists, but the play of the night came from a Buckeye. Ryan Kesler’s lunge to salt away the game on an empty-netter with :45 to play has to be seen (and watched many times over).

James Mirtle also noted that former MSU defenseman (and current hated Blackhawk) Duncan Keith was probably the best player on the ice for Canada tonight.  But, back to the subject at hand: USA USA USA USA USA USA!