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Game Thread: Spartans vs. Boilermakers

I titled the game preview "It's Now or Never." That's clearly true in the case of Michigan State's Big Ten title hopes. It also feels pretty true about the season as a whole.

MSU still really doesn't have a defining win this year. The best wins have been less-than-dominant home wins against solid opponents (Gonzaga, Wisconsin) or thrilling road wins against sub-NCAA-Tournament-quality opposition (Minnesota, Michigan).

Our three nonconferences losses, meanwhile, are looking less and less like "quality losses" as times goes on. Florida, North Carolina, and Texas now have a combined 30 losses on the season. (I knew UNC had been playing poorly, I didn't quite realize they've been playing "4-10 in conference play" poorly.)

Today's game represents the final opportunity for our Spartans to put it all together against a quality opponent outside the friendly confines of the Breslin Center. If they don't do it today, it's going to be hard to have faith they can do it in postseason play.

This is the place to discuss all the action. I've got the thread up early so it can also be utilized for commentary on the Ryan Miller-led U.S. hockey team's pursuit of a gold medal against our neighbors to the north at 3:15(ish?).


Go Green! Go White!