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Big Ten Tournament Day Two Open Thread

[Bumped to the top of the page to keep the discussion going.  The Minnesota preview is below.  --LVS.]

A little late on the posting here, but we'll go with it.  Today's games (all times EST):

  • #1 Ohio State vs. #8 Michigan (ESPN, noon)
  • #4 Wisconsin vs. #5 Illinois (ESPN, 25 minutes after OSU-UM is over -- probably about 2:30)
  • #2 Purdue vs. #7 Northwestern (BTN, 6:30)
  • #3 Michigan State vs. #6 Minnesota (BTN, 25 minutes after Purdue-NU is over -- probably about 9:00)

Objectively, the most interesting game here is probably the Wisconsin-Illinois rematch, as Illinois is fighting for their tournament life.  (As SpartanDan pointed out, the championship week results from across the country so far have probably improved Illinois' chances.)  Your Spartans have the late game, and a preview will be going up shortly.

Until then, enjoy a great Friday of basketball, and talk about it here.