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Big Ten Tournament Final Open Thread

So, Ohio State - Minnesota it is.  (If you picked that matchup, you almost certainly won the tournament pool.  Also, you are clairvoyant.)  Ohio State has looked vulnerable in the past two games -- until the final minute, of course, when either Evan Turner and David Lighty has absolutely taken over.  Minnesota, meanwhile, had no trouble getting over playing the late overtime game against Your Spartans, as they absolutely demolished Purdue.

Minnesota is looking to become only the second team in tournament history to win the championship after having to play on the first day.    (Iowa did it as a #6 seed in 2001.  Also, if Minnesota wins, Pete will eat his hat, which should be entertaining.)  For that reason, you might give the advantage to Ohio State, but the Gophers are a very deep team--nine players average more than ten minutes per game, as you might recall--and consequently are reasonably well-equipped to handle four games in four days.  Ultimately, as Martin Tyler might say, it's the irresistable force versus the immovable object.  Should be great, but I'm not betting against Evan Turner.

So, enjoy the game, and talk about it here.  We'll be back with another open thread for the tournament selection show later this evening.  (FWIW, Rexrode thinks we're heading out west.)