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Linking Laconically is still admiring Delvon Roe's "heads down" play*

*Full credit for this corny-but-brilliant turn of phrase to LVS.

Nonlaconic Commentary on Losing Our Star to a Terrible Injury

Obviously, the immediate impact of Kalin Lucas' achilles tear is losing our best player for the duration of this NCAA Tournament, which significantly reduces the expected value of said duration.  The injury also means next season may not get off to a slower start, as Lucas will still be rounding back into playing shape (4-6 month recovery time--maybe up to 8).  Hopefully, Korie Lucious will have a healthy offseason this time around to further develop toward being a consistently-starter-level point guard.  And Keith Appling (that's Mr. Basketball to you) will get some time running the show this summer in informal workouts.

Most of all, this stinks just because any 21-year old athlete with the potential to go on to professional success in his sport suffering a injury of this seriousness stinks.  I'd much rather have lost Lucas to the NBA early than have had him deal with this.

The injury, of course, makes it all the more sweet that MSU held on to win yesterday's game.  A lost game combined with a lost star would have been doubly tragic.  Bittersweet beats the heck out of bitterbitter.