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Durrell Summers to Return for Senior Season

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(HT: Stones1981, CNNSI)

More good basketball news: Durrell Summers has chosen not to enter the NBA Draft and return for his senior season at Michigan State.  There was a little bit of doubt about whether he'd enter the draft to get a sense of where he would go and what skills needed work.  However, he wasn't predicted by many to be a first-rounder this year, and with the glut of prospects leaving school in the past month, this seems like the best move for Durrell at this point. The thought of going 12-13 deep next season isn't coloring my opinion at all. Not. One. Bit.

Naturally, we can't have one rumor end without another replacing it, so here's what I've heard:  Derrick Nix is leaving MSU to become the new companion to Doctor Who.  You can say it's not true, but there have been confirmed reports of Derrick with a sonic screwdriver.  Who are my sources?  I can't tell you because THAT WOULD MAKE ME LESS IMPORTANT AND DESTROY MY MESSAGE BOARD CRED.