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Things We (Might) Know from the Spring Game Draft

The draft for the Green and White football game was yesterday.  This draft doesn't work like a typical draft where anyone can be chosen at any time.  Here's how it works:

  • The seniors are split into two teams by the coaching staff.  Notable names on the Green team are Mark Dell, Marcus Hyde and Chris L. Rucker.  Greg Jones and Charlie Gantt are the marquee seniors on the White team.
  • The draft then proceeds with the seniors on one team choosing a player.  Once a player is chosen, the other team must choose a player at the same position until all players at that position have been picked.  For example, if one team picked quarterback Kirk Cousins, the other team would have to pick from the remaining quarterbacks, Andrew Maxwell or Joe Boisture.  NOTE: these positions are more specific than you might think; for example, wide receiver wouldn't be a position chosen, but flanker would be.
  • The coaching staff can "suggest" trades to make the teams competitive.

What have we learned from this year's draft?  Find out after the jump.

  • That despite their similar stats in the scrimmages, Kirk Cousins still is head and shoulders above Andrew Maxwell.  Cousins was the #1 pick in the draft, going to the Green team.  The fact that the Green team took Cousins #1 should tell you that the gap right now between the two passers is pretty big, and that Cousins need not fear losing his job soon.
  • That Johnny Adams is the second-best cornerback on this team.  Chris L. Rucker's obviously the top CB, but he was one of the seniors doing the drafting.  Adams was the second top pick of the Green team, meaning that the talent gap between him and the other two-deep corners, Dana Dixon and Mitchell White, could be deep.  Notice that I said could instead of is.  YAY FOR SPECULATION!
  • That running back Leveon Bell will most likely get playing time in the Fall.   Here's the order in which the running backs were drafted:  Larry Caper, Leveon Bell, Edwin Baker, Nick Hill.  Now before you go telling your friends that OMG Baker's regressed, note that Caper and Bell are bigger than Baker and Hill, and when the White team selected Caper, the Green team probably took Bell to be sure they had someone who had the size to pick up the 3rd and 1's.  That said, it's not a reach to infer that Bell will get his chances in the WMU/FAU/Northern Colorado games come September.
  • That some starting spots on the offensive line won't be determined until camp ends in August.  Not one offensive line position was chosen in the first ten rounds, which is a good indicator that either the gaps in talent along the offensive line are small, or that like many of us, the players have trouble evaluating potential on the OL.  The closest thing to a lock there is to start is Joel Foreman at LG.  D.J. Young will most likely start over sophomore John Deyo and redshirt freshman David Barrent.  However, the chatter around indicates that Chris McDonald is being pushed at RG by 360 lb. behemoth Antonio Jeremiah, and redshirt freshman Henry Conway has potential to replace junior Jared McGaha at right tackle. 

Tomorrow, I'll have the spring game preview in earnest.  The weather is looking better and better, so hopefully we won't get hailed on like we did last year.