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Four Spartans Get NFL Looks

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Here they are:

  • Jeremy Ware was the only Michigan State player drafted, going to the Oakland Raiders in the 7th round.  Normally, you'd say the Raiders rival the Lions in terms of "NFL draft destinations you'd rather not be destined for," but observers seem to like what Oakland did in the draft this year so maybe it's not quite such a bad situation.  Ware's 4.3 showing in the 40-yard dash was apparently a factor in Oakland selecting him.
  • Blair White somewhat surprisingly went undrafted, but was signed to a free agent deal by the Indianapolis Colts.  This sounds somewhat cliched, but Indianapolis seems like the perfect fit for a smart, hard-working, physically unimposing (and, yes, white) possession receiver--assuming the Colts aren't already overloaded with those kinds of guys (Anthony Gonzalez, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie).  The Colts didn't draft any receivers, so that helps.
  • Brett Swenson also got a FA deal with the Colts.  Adam Vinatieri will be returning from a knee injury this season, so maybe Swenson will get a look as a kickoff specialist?
  • Ross Weaver was signed as a FA by the Miami Dolphins.  I'm afraid I have no context/analysis to add here.

When only one of your departing players gets drafted, that means you haven't lost much talent and your team will improve substantially for the upcoming season.  Right?

A bit ironic that two of the four guys getting NFL opportunities are defensive backs, given the horrific nature of MSU's pass defense last year.

What's the story on Trevor Anderson?  I'd have thought he's shown enough production to get a look by someone.  Maybe a FA deal is still in the works.

Look for some spring game coverage from one of the three of us later today (preview: Kirk Cousins definitively good, everyone else less definitively whatever they are).  You can catch the TV replay on BTN at 5:00.