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Russell Byrd Breaks Foot, Undergoes Surgery

As reported by Spartan Nation, incoming Michigan State forward Russell Byrd underwent surgery today to repair a broken foot he suffered in a workout earlier this week.  The expected recovery time is eight weeks.  Fort Wayne's awesomely-call-lettered WANE notes that Byrd will now miss the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star Series, which will be played June 11-12.

My sense, based largely on what happened with Korie Lucious last year, is that foot injuries can be potentially troublesome in terms of a clean recovery.  Let's hope that's not the case with Byrd.

As things stand now, Byrd probably won't be in line for major playing time as a freshman, as he looks to be the 6th guy in line among the perimeter players (Lucas/Summers/Allen/Lucious/Appling).  That could change, though, depending on whether the Chris Allen rumors have any legs.

(No news in the last week on that matter, by the way, which constitutes good news, I think.)

HT: MooTheKow

Update: Dylan asked about the possibility of a redshirt year for Byrd. It's possible if no one is, in fact, leaving.  But, if everything goes to plan, he should have plenty of time to be ready for the start of the season.  And if he has any value on the court as a 3-point shooting specialist, Tom Izzo (who hasn't redshirted perimeter players historically) will use him.  National championship or bust.