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Chris Allen Transfer Rumor is Mongered*

*That's what a rumormonger does, right?

The entire TOC community has done a remarkable and admirable job of refusing to engage in the sort of speculation about potential MSU team chemistry issues that's been present in other corners of the internet since Chris Allen was suspended for the opening game of the Big Ten Tournament.  The lack of any kind of reliable reporting on the specific causes of whatever chemistry issues exist has made the exercise a nonstarter here.

The fact that the Grand Rapids Press (Dave Mayo, specifically) has now chosen to print (or publish on the internet, at least) a rumor that Chris Allen may be considering a transfer out of the program--despite the continuing lack of any publicly-divulged specificity regarding the cause of that consideration--makes the topic an unavoidable matter for discussion.  I guess.

To me, the whole idea doesn't compute.  You've got a player that's made great strides in his approach to the game over the last two seasons (particularly on defense), to the point Tom Izzo was praising his on-court performance even as he suspended him.  Allen's play in the NCAA Tournament after suffering an arch injury in the first game of the tournament was nothing short of warriorlike.

And now he's going to sit out a year to play a single season in a new program?  Those have got to be some major chemistry issues--and major chemistry issues that somehow didn't prevent the team from winning four consecutive games at the most important time of the year while playing short-handed.

It's all very odd.

Tom Izzo's comments do indicate something is definitely afoot, though:

“There is still one other player that’s up in the air and I have to make some tough decisions -- and I will -- and he’s got to make some tough decisions,” Izzo said. “So there might be one more coming or going. But to honest with you, that’s just the way it is right now. We should be able to make that decision in the next couple of days because we’ll do it before he leaves.

“What I’m trying to do is make sure that the program, that everybody in the program, is trying to get done what I think needs to get done. And sometimes, not everybody fits that profile. That’s not necessarily bad on them, it might be bad on me. It’s not necessarily bad on me, it might be bad on them. Or it might be it’s just not the right fit.”

We'll know what the end result of all this is some time fairly soon, I'd think.  Until then, let's try to stay on the right side of the rumormongering line--and cross our fingers that whichever player(s) are in the middle of this decide that putting aside whatever's gone on behind the scenes is worth it for the sake of unfinished business that could be taken care of next season, both as a team and as an individual.