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Thursday Night Izzo/Cavs Open Thread: The End Draws . . . Nearer

The tweets are flying fast and furious.  Some discouraging:

In past 24 hours, Tom Izzo has told confidants how "sick of recruiting" he's become in college. Says that's big part of possible NBA move.  (Wojnarowski)

Izzo is feeling what many with reputations for running clean programs do: College ball's relentless cheating culture has worn him down. (Also Wojnarowski)

Some encouraging:

Plain Dealer: LeBron is interested in a coach who played in the NBA (Byron Scott has) (State News)

Some neutral:

Sportscenter reported, via Fanhouse, that Byron Scott had an hour long phone interview w/ Cavs. Katz said Cle. basketball folks prefer Scott (Ballin' is a Habit)

Andy Katz: Byron Scott is the choice of the Cavs' basketball people. Izzo is Dan Gilbert's choice. (State News)

Friend = Jack Ebling RT @FOXSportsDet Izzo text message to friend: 'No decision made.' (LVS)

My brain is fried.

Rally at the Bres in about an hour.

Discuss it all here.