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Izzo-Watch, Day 10: It's Now or Never (We Vote for Never)

Mum's the word.
Mum's the word.

Yesterday's Twitter buzz confirmed what most people's intuition would predict: LeBron James ain't talkin' to Tom Izzo.  From James' perspective, even if he does like Izzo (and I think he probably does), he doesn't like him that much more than other coaching options that he's going to give up negotiating leverage by tipping his hand to Izzo and, by extension, to the world.

So Izzo is left to make his decision with the major variable in the situation still an unknown.  The speculators at Intrade (click on "Current Events") currently have the odds of James staying in Cleveland at 50-55%, so this is basically a coin flip decision.  I don't see how either the Cavs or Izzo lets this drag out all the way into July.  Izzo now has as much substantive information for making this decision as he's going to get before he has to make it.

Maybe there's some other factor causing Izzo to extend this decision making process, but it's not obvious what that is.  I've been firmly on the side of saying that Izzo has the right to take however much time he needs to make this decision, but we're now getting into the starting-to-look-ridiculous stage of the process.  I have to think Izzo realizes that.  If nothing else, he's going to need to make some sort of public statement about what's going on in the near future.  Right?