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World Cup Open Thread: "Beat Whichever Slov__ia Team it is We're Playing" Edition

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There's only onnnne Timmy Howard!
There's only onnnne Timmy Howard!

Germany-Serbia at 7:30

England-Algeria at 2:30

In between, the match we're all geeked for: USA-Slovenia at 10:00.

Kurt and I were chatting last night about how this match feels like it could be a potential tipping point in the history of USA soccer: Can the US take care of business against a weaker opponent in its first WC appearance as a favorite to get out of its group?

A win by either team puts the loser in very bad position. A tie gives the US no margin for error against Algeria next Wednesday.

Slovenia is the team with the Charlie Brown shirts.  Some background reading to learn more about the Green Dragons: