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Now for something completely different . . .

This photo has nothing to do with Cleveland.
This photo has nothing to do with Cleveland.

It's only been 50 hours since the first Izzo/Cavs post went up here, but I'm already feeling major burnout from tracking every minute development.  Must . . . find . . . distraction.

LVS, Pete, and I are all soccer guys, so we're going to open up an OT exemption big enough to drive a Mack truck through and talk some World Cup for the next five weeks.  (All the cool kids are doing it.)  Kurt at Bless You Boys is also one of us, so we're going to flip flop daily WC open threads between here and there.  There seem to be a pretty large number of soccer fans between our readership and his.  We might as well chat about the action in South Africa with people whose odd internet usernames we're already familiar with, right?  Friday's thread will be at BYB.  Saturday's will be here (USA-England, baby!).

Anyway, here are some WC links to get things started:

OK, back to the Izzo-watch.  Bad signs: (1) Izzo's buyout isn't all that big in the scheme of things.  (2) James signing a 3-year deal might make it easier for the whole thing to come together relatively quickly.  Good sign: There are other names in the mix (Jeff VanGundy, Byron Scott).

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

P.S.  We've been meaning to put something up on the new SB Nation regional site for Detroit, but it's gotten lost among all the Izzo talk.  Do check it out.  They've been doing a nice job tracking Izzo-related developments.