MSU Verbal Commit for 2012 - SF Kenny Kaminski

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Earlier today multiple websites gave confirmation that (as predicted) Medina, OH forward, Kenny Kaminski, is the first member of Tom Izzo's 2012 recruiting class. He is a 3-star, #23 ranked power forward on scout, a 90 rated, #31 PF on ESPN, and currently unranked on rivals. He claimed offers from Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

The Only Colors' intrpdtrvlr did a write up on him earlier, that is still worth a look (though I will try to round up pertinent information in this post)

In-depth round up after the jump.


Height: listed consistently at 6'7''. Total speculation, but he does mention in a Hondo interview that his coach says he might grow three inches by the time his freshman year roles around (!!).

Weight: Ho boy. Anywhere from a stringbean 180 if you believe rivals, 200 if you believe scout, or a fairly robust 215-220 if you listen to more contemporary reports (like ESPN). I tend to believe the highest figure being thrown out there. In the same Hondo interview, he states he could also come into State weighing 260. Color me extremely, extremely, skeptical on that claim.

What position is he going to play for us?

I see him as a Raymar Morgan type, SF/PF depending on our lineup. And I would have it in that order, I think he's a small forward first and a power forward second, despite where recruiting sites have him listed. If he does some growing, well... hello mismatch.

So can he play?

Can he? CAN HE??? Yes.

The kid recently set the nets on fire at a few national events. Here's a report from Rival's Eric Bossi at the AAU National Championships (7/30/2010):

Kenny Kaminski, PF, Buckeye Ballers- Thanks to the strong play of Kaminski, the Ballers almost sprung an upset on the Carolina Ravens. A class of 2012 prospect who can wear out the nets from deep, he's perhaps been unfairly labeled as just a jump shooter. A strong kid, he will battle around the rim and he rebounds pretty well.

At a recent tournament in Vegas, rival's analyst Jerry Meyer had this to say:

Kenny Kaminski (Indiana Elite 16-U, 2012)- This sharp shooting forward was dialed in Saturday. He drained five three-pointers in the first half on his way to a game high 27 points. His game will be predicated on strength and his precise shooting which should fit well into the Big Ten. recruitng guru, St8izGr8 described him thusly:

He is legitimately a combo guy...Indy Elite used him both inside and on the perimeter and he looked comfortable defensively in both spots.  He was guarding actual guards at times and hung in there.

Nice looking deep stroke.  Hit multiple threes in this game and he looked good doing it.  Goes up strong and true and the release is smooth.
He's a strong kid, unafraid to bang and put himself on the block when asked.  Had a couple of nice post moves I saw where he had a nice combination of strength and quickness to get results.
Looks to be a versatile defender.  Unlike many guys who get talked about as a combo forward, I think Kenny actually has that potential.

Now tell me those strengths don't bring to mind our boy Raymar? Nearly everyone agrees the kid's strength is putting the ball in the bucket, particularly from the outside (including Kenny himself, in the Hondo interview)

ESPN describes him as:

an offensive machine. He is an excellent shooter with his feet set. He has range to 22 feet when he is catching and shooting. When he is aggressive on offense he can put the ball on the floor and create for himself for 2 or 3 dribbles...

Me likey.

But where can he improve?

Kenny says he needs to improve ball handling and going to the rim.

The earlier St8izGr8 report chimes in:

Allowed himself to drift a bit. He's on a talented team, but I felt he could have asserted himself a bit more at times.  He is adjusting to playing with these guys, so it's worth cutting him some slack.

Hmmm? Raymar? Right? RIGHT? (I'll stop).

Of course, I'm sure there are also inevitable conditioning and fitness 'needs for improvement' that come in with most any high school player coming into Michigan State. He's no Derrick Nix or Tom Herzog project though.

So how excited should I be?

Very. Kenny is a great start to the 2012 class and I fully expect him to jump up the recruiting rankings as time goes on (The MSU verbal can't hurt his credibility with the 'gurus'). He seems to be extremely willing to buy into Izzo's defense/rebounding foundation, and comes in with a developed offensive repertoire. He should be able to step in right away and back up Draymond at the Small forward position if need be. Kenny should be able to be a productive member of the Spartans for years to come. Plus, the kid is very mature and seems to have a solid head on his shoulders.

Awesome pick-up, in my opinon. Go state!



Post script-

This is my first try at this sort of recruiting round-up. If you have suggestions on how I can improve or something I missed I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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