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Chris Allen still in the East Lansing vicinity

File under "implicit good signs": Chris Allen is listed on a roster for the Lansing Moneyball Pro-Am League.  This would be another sign (the first since Tom Izzo's "here for life" press conference) that Allen was not going to leave the MSU basketball program by his own choice.  If he was going to, the time has passed.

This was, apparently, a case of Tom Izzo setting down expectations for Allen to meet that he had not been meeting during the past season.  While Allen may be on a short leash, I think it's now safe to assume he'll be a part of next season's roster.

Other MSU players participating in the Moneyball league are Draymond Green, Durrell Summers, Korie Lucious, Derrick Nix, Garrick Sherman, Keith Appling, Alex Gauna, Austin Thornton, Mike Kebler, and Anthony Ianni.  Former Spartans listed on rosters include Travis Walton, Idong Ibok, and Thomas Kelly.  Trey Zeigler's name is also of note.

I've contemplated going to check out the pro-am action out in the past, but other summer activities have always precluded it.  Games are played at Lansing Sexton High School on Saturdays and Sundays; admission is free.  Games began on June 26 and run through August 1.  (Anyone seen confirmation that Allen played the first weekend?  Weekly participation tends to be somewhat sporadic, I think.)

HT: AlkalineKidAP