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Intrpdtrvlr is his name, recruiting is his game

Given the amount of content he's already been producing, this is really only a technical change: Intrpdtrvlr (his friends call him "Intrepid") has officially joined the TOC blogging team.  He'll be primarily covering basketball recruiting (as in the post below this one) and maybe chipping in some in other areas, as well.

Given that recruiting has always been a weakness of mine (and, by "weakness," I mean "gaping, meteor-sized hole in my blogging output"), I'm excited he's agreed to come aboard as a full-fledged TOC writer.

In another site-newsy note, I've moved the old Spartans Weblog archives back over to the free WordPress platform to avoid paying any more monthly server costs.  I think the only major loss is the Java-based StatSheet charts.  Other than that, everything should be there for your browsing pleasure.  If anyone finds any other major glitches, shoot me an e-mail.