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Korie Lucious Arrested for Drunk Driving

The most tumultuous basketball offseason in memory just got a little more tumultuous, as Lansing TV station WLNS is reporting that Korie Lucious was arrested for drunk driving last night.  According to WLNS:

We have a copy of the ticket which says he blew a .09 on a breathalyzer test.

For reference, .08 is the legal limit (Edit - if you're over 21 - which Lucious isn't.  It's .00 for minors). Lisa Byington is reporting that Izzo won't comment until he gathers all the facts but rest assured his comments will not be glowing.  On the plus side, football season starts Saturday, and I'd never thought I'd be using football to get away from basketball's problems.

EDIT: For the record, Lucious doesn't turn 21 until November, so there might be a minor in possession charge as well.