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Mark Dantonio OK After Suffering Heart Attack

EDIT 1:16 PM: Lest you think Izzo was sitting idly by (via The State News):

Hollis said men's basketball coach Tom Izzo assisted in deciding who would take over as head coach while Dantonio recovers.

EDIT 1:15 PM: More facts from the press conference.  From Lisa Byington:

Dr. D'Haem said Dantonio felt chest discomfort around 1230 Sunday morning after nd game

Jim Comparoni:

MSU asks that fans NOT attempt to visit Dantonio at the hospital over the next several days. They are limiting visitors

The State News:

Coach Treadwell on players' reaction: "They're handling it as well as they can. They love their head coach."
Dr. D'Haem: Heart attacks are never good...but I would classify this as a rather small heart attack

EDIT: 1:06 PM A couple more reports from the press conference:

From @MSUScottW:

Dr. Chris D’Haem said damage to Coach D's heart was "minimal". "He did the right thing nag (sic) got in here quickly."

Also, Coach Dantonio will not be on the sidelines for Northern Colorado. 

EDIT: 12:51 PM  The official press release from MSU Athletics has been issued.  It's short, but here's the money quote:

"The procedure was successful and blood flow to the heart muscle was restored," Dr. D'Haem said. "I'm very pleased with the outcome of the procedure. Coach Dantonio is resting comfortably following his procedure and is expected to make a full recovery.

EDIT: 12:45 PM  More information is starting to come out.

From Joe Rexrode: 

Mark Dantonio is "resting comfortably" in the hospital, said his brother John today, after an emergency heart procedure early Sunday morning.

From the State News Twitter Feed:

MSU:  Dantonio will remain at the hospital for a few days for monitoring. Return to sidelines at a later date.

MSU: Offensive coordinator Don Treadwell will manage day-to-day responsibilities of head coach.

MSU: Dantonio had a cardiac catheterization procedure early Sunday morning.

EDIT: 12:28 PM  The "reportedly" in the title can be deleted now; both Jim Comparoni and Hondo Carpenter have confirmed Ms. Hammond's report.

Jennifer Hammond from Fox Detroit is reporting that Mark Dantonio is alright after reportedly suffering a heart attack.  An "important football-related press conference" has been scheduled for 1 PM, where hopefully more details will be given out.  As for now, we'll wait for more information, and our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Dantonio and his family.