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Dion Sims to Be Charged with Stealing Detroit Public School Computers

I think a good many of us were curious as to why Dion Sims hadn't seen the field this season; this Detroit News story quite possibly yields the explanation:

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said her office will charge 10 men with a scheme to steal and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in computers from the Detroit Public Schools.

The charges stem from an ongoing probe aimed at ferreting out corruption from the financially troubled district and could generate 20-year prison terms for the suspects, who include Dion L. Sims, a football player at Michigan State University.

Seriously?  Not only is this theft quite possibly (edited for honesty - Pete) on a grand scale (at least 104 laptops), but to steal from Detroit?  This just makes me ashamed.  If the charges stick, it's the last we've seen of Sims for this year in a Spartan uniform, and takes tight end from one of the deepest positions of the team to one of the shallowest, albeit still quite talented.  I hope that Sims wasn't involved, and I feel a bit queasy right now.

UPDATE: From the State News, Sims has kept the football staff informed of this transgression since mid-February, and has been suspended from football team-related activities.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Mark Hollis says that they "will allow the legal process to play out" before a final decision is made on Sims's future with the team.