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Michigan State 45, Northern Colorado 7 - A Brief Recap

Ah predictability, how we've missed you.  A brief rundown.

- Your Kirk Cousins worries have been placated for this week.   The Holland Hurler got plenty of time to throw to wide open receivers, resulting in a 16-20 day for 290 yards and two touchdowns.

- LeVeon Bell (92 yards on 11 carries, 35 yards on a screen, 3 TD) and Edwin Baker (59 yards on 11 carries, 1 TD) are awesome.  But you already knew that, so I'll stop here.

- The defensive line couldn't seem to consistently pressure Northern Colorado's QB, and when they did, whoever was QB (either Lobato or Orms) often wriggled free.

- That said, Orms's (6 of 22) and Lobato's (3 of 6) accuracy suffered today.  Credit the play of the back seven for that.

- Four interceptions - two by Greg Jones, one by Trenton Robinson, and another by Max Bullough.  If you're wondering, that's just two less than MSU had all year in 2009.

- The penalties, dear lord the penalties: 11 for 121 yards.  Let's hope the Spartans were getting them all out of the way for next week.

LVS and KJ will have more later, but overall this was an extremely satisfying game.  About everything went as planned, and a huge nationally-televised game with Wisconsin (who OBLITERATED Austin Peay today) is seven days away.  As for now, Dave Grohl will play you out.