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MSU offers Jabari Parker, 2013 Chicago PF

Going off of one source can be tricky in recruiting but, according to Ilinois Prep Bulls-eye, Tom Izzo and Michigan State have offered a scholarship to Jabari Parker of Simeon Career Academy in Chicago. Hard to say what precisely an "offer" means at this point but it’s the first time I’ve heard that word used in reference to a 2013 player and MSU.  Parker is currently ranked as the #7 overall prospect by ESPN, the #2 PF by Scout, and #11 overall by Rivals. Needless to say, he is a big-time recruit in the 2013 class.  Jabari has also been recognized by USA basketball and invited to begin the try-out process for the 2011-12 Developmental National Team (HT: KJ).  The article mentions that his family hopes to have him on campus for the MSU vs. Notre Dame game during what is already a hugely important recruiting weekend for football.

You can check out a mixtape of the man in action here.  Commentary after the jump.

Though 2013 recruits have just started their sophomore years, Tom Izzo has shown a willingness to make early offers in the past. Most recently, Kenny Kaminski had an offer from MSU at about the same point in time. Other former Spartans such as Paul Davis, Kelvin Torbert, and Marcus Taylor received offers early in their high school careers. Izzo must believe Jabari Parker is a high priority guy with limited spots at his disposal (2 on schedule).  The rest of the 2013 targets should start coming into clearer focus once they begin their sophomore seasons and show their developing skills.  If you think that's far too early, recall how quickly MSU landed three 2012 players during the summer after their second high school season.  It's premature to talk "2013 Hotlist" but in the current recruiting climate there's plenty of names to watch.

Izzo is also believed to be interested in Tommy Hamilton of Whitney High in Chicago. Already 6’9" and 235, Hamilton is ranked in the top 10 by ESPN as an exceptional frontcourt prospect.  In addition, there’s yet another high profile Chicago player, Alex Foster (#35 overall @ ESPN), who has received attention from MSU.

From what I’ve heard, recruiting the Chicago area can be a bit "interesting" and wild but it looks like Izzo is going to be spending a lot of time and energy there for his next class.